Located in the heart of the Auvergne region (central France) and in the Allier ‘département’ Lycée Valery Larbaud opened in September 1999.

Within short distance of Vichy, an elegant city completely dedicated to well-being and a major centre for sport, in an outstanding natural, cultural and architectural environment, the technological and vocational High School offers a wide range of courses and programs around two main fields of activity:

Business and Catering :

Healthcare and Social Sciences that includes healthcare studies, dietetics, ophthalmic dispensing, preparation to nursing school:

  • CAP Petite Enfance (vocational certificate in Childcare)
  • Mention Complémentaire Aide à Domicile (complementary certificate in Domiciliary Care)
  • BAC Pro Accompagnement, soins et services à la personne (vocational degree, equivalent to A Levels in Healthcare and Social Service)
  • Bac Sciences et Techniques de la Santé et du Social (technological degree, equivalent to A Levels in Healthcare and Social Studies)
  • Préparation au  Concours d’entrée en Institut de Formation en Soins Infirmier (preparation to Nursing exams)
  • BTS Diététique (Higher Diploma in Dietetics)
  • BAC Pro Optique lunetterie (vocational degree, equivalent to A Levels in Ophthalmic Dispensing)
  • BTS Opticien lunetier (Higher Diploma in Ophthalmic Dispensing)


Boarders attend school from Monday 7 :30 am to Friday 6:00 pm (the boarding school closes at week-ends) . Accommodation is provided in 3-bed rooms for under A-Level students.


The school is open from Monday 7 :30 to Friday 6:00 pm, occasionally Saturday 1:00pm.

On a typical school day, classes start at 8 :00 am and finish at 6:00 pm with a 1 hour lunch break.


The high school is within 15mn walk from Vichy railway station and easily accessible by bus.