Carnet de voyage de Madison

The Marriott Hotel & Country Club !

It’s located in the west of Shedfield near Southampton, about 30 minutes by car. This company is a restaurant, a hotel and a country club. In the company there were 138 employees who came from all over the world, for example there were about 12 different nationalities. How  surprising and how enriching!


One day after a Christmas party when we cleaned the tables, I found little green guns in a cracker. I caught them and ran immediately to the kitchen and screamed “Don’t move”. Tiby, the kitchen porter had a gun too and after that we started a big water fight in the office. It was so funny. I will remember that for a very long time!


At the beginning it was a little difficult to understand English because some people had a strong accent but after two weeks, I was getting used to it. It was really useful for the language because I find I can speak English better now.

I was surprised because I didn’t serve or took order in the Cast iron restaurant, it was the gastronomic restaurant. So, I’m a little sad because I expected to do so but I did it for Christmas parties, It’s great.

I would like to go back to England because it’s really pleasant but it’s so far away.

It was a really good experience for me! Thanks a lots to Mrs Emo, Mrs Rosier, Mrs De Maximoff and of course the Marriott Hotel.